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Piano Keys



Daniel Gledhill is an accomplished pianist and composer who has worked in the music industry for almost fifteen years, starting with a notable performance with Michael Bolton at the Hollywood Bowl at age 13. Daniel is currently the principal musician for the UCLA School of Music and the staff accompanist for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. After having worked as the pianist for Los Angeles Opera’s summer outreach program, he served as a staff pianist for the University of Melbourne as well as the prestigious Monash University.

An award-winning composer, Daniel's influences span classical and contemporary composers such as Ravel, Prokovief, Nobu Uematsu, and Hans Zimmer. 

Daniel composes for piano, concerts, and orchestral ensembles for film, recently winning the grand prize for his choral work “For the Beauty of the Earth” in the Ensemble Altera Composition Competition. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance from Brigham Young University and then continued his studies at the University of Southern California where he earned a certificate in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program.


Check out newly released albums  or download resume for more information.

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