Piano Keys



Daniel Gledhill began studying the piano at the age of 5 with Dr. Irene-Peery Fox in Provo, Utah. Since then, he has become an accomplished pianist, winning 1st prizes on both national and international stages. At the age of 11, Daniel began to supplement his regular piano lessons with chamber music instruction from accomplished teachers such as cellist Roger Drinkall and Igor and Vesna Gruppman from the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music. These teachers helped him to develop a very deep love for collaboration and from there, he began to work constantly with a string trio that he formed, which performed consistently until he began his college education.​As a boy, a large part of Daniel’s musical influence came from videogames. The way they were able to portray the complex moods and emotions of simple pixelated characters greatly inspired him and he began composing melodies himself.


Since beginning that journey he has developed many styles, but his favorite music to write has always been the lush, sweeping themes found in modern games that introduce the player to new worlds with the promises of grand adventures to come.His education continued at the University of Southern California where he attended the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program.

Currently he works as a collaborative pianist for the University of California, Los Angeles and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Hollywood. He also free-lances as a composer, writing for solo piano as well as small and large orchestral ensembles for film and concert settings.